There are some great bargains available from online bike suppliers but what happens when it arrives? Sometimes it is just a case of turning the bars but in others it might just turn up in a box.

If your bike is already built you may find that after a few rides the brakes, gears and even the spokes may need adjustment. This is common as cables settle into their fixings and some machine built wheels flex and spokes can become loose.

Think of it like the first service on a car, once you have run it in, it might require a few adjustments to make it run at its best.

If your bike is in a box and needs full assembly, a proper setup and lube can make sure you are going to get the best from your new machine.

Our prices are very reasonable and in almost all cases this work can be carried out on site.

Whether you want to breathe new life into an old bike or increase the performance of you race bike fitting the right parts properly will give you the best results.

Please call for advice and a quote to supply and fit or just fit your new bits.